Color Management Solutions

GMG's color management solution ensures that print results exactly match the color specified. Regardless of the print process or the substrate printed on. Experts of the print industry, creative agencies as well as brand owners from some of the biggest consumer brands count on GMG. We tirelessly perfect our solutions in close collaboration with our customers to ensure our globally leading proofing- and color management software solutions remain the standard.

Color management in 60 seconds

Our 60-second video explains color management from GMG in simple terms. Discover how Brand Managers ensure their brand colors are accurately reproduced around the world. We explain why color management is important for brands and how GMG solutions achieve the highest levels of efficiency because of their effortless integration also to third party systems. 
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The most complete color management system

Accurate color conversion from one color space into another and reliable simulation of print results are key for the graphic arts industry. For more than 35 years, GMG has set global standards enabling brands to manage their brand image worldwide and we tirelessly perfect our solutions in close collaboration with our customers to ensure our color management system and software solutions remain the standard. 
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GMG stands for "Verbindlichkeit"

‘Verbindlichkeit’, the German word for strong commitment and reliability, is the essence of our brand. It defines us and what we have been doing for more than 35 years, establishing color management standards worldwide. It defines how we are working and interacting with each other internally and of course it describes how we engage with our customers, partners and industry organizations. 
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