New: binding color communication for the packaging industry – ink drawdowns digitally reimagined with GMG ColorCard.

GMG ColorCard Product Release 2020

Tübingen, Germany (February, 17th 2020) – They say ‘the future is digital’. We agree. Instead of ink drawdowns, digitally-produced color cards will soon be the proofs of choice for the approval process of packaging projects. Only with physical color cards can all stakeholders visualize with certainty what the final printed result will look like. The new solution offers numerous advantages, above all: it’s digital.

GMG ColorCard stands for reliable color, irrespective of the substrate. Corrugated cardboard, for example, is simulated on the digital color card. This provides a digital proof that accurately represents the final print result. GMG ColorCard applies color science to achieve reliable and repeatable results that brand owners, designers, ink technicians and printers can trust. 

Digital efficiency: when it comes to efficiency, conventional ink drawdowns are no match for GMG ColorCard. Those familiar with the process of producing manual ink drawdowns will know how time-consuming the process is. Patience, skill and experience are required, all of which are scarce these days. 

GMG ColorCard is the solution and shows a result in under three minutes. A packaging project often requires multiple ink drawdowns or additional cards to be produced later in the process, in any case, the benefits of GMG ColorCard are multiplied. Not only are the cards produced within minutes, they are also identical even if produced at different locations. 
Because GMG ColorCard is fully automated, the system is simple to operate. A few clicks and entry of basic parameters such as ink, printing process and substrate is all that’s required. 

GMG ColorCard is now available. For more information, visit

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