GMG ColorServer: automatic conversion to the output color space

Different printing conditions, substrates or printing standards around the world can make it difficult to ensure a consistent brand image. That’s why it’s crucial to introduce an automated step for color-accurate conversion. GMG ColorServer automatically converts RGB, CMYK and mixed data into an industry-standard or custom output color space using our industry-leading MX technology.

Visibly better: MX technology from GMG

With GMG ColorServer, your data can be made print ready in an instant. GMG’s MX technology – integrated into GMG ColorServer – produces the highest quality color space conversions. The technology preserves the black channel, stabilizes color and achieves an unparalleled shadow definition for consistent and visibly superior results unmatched by any other solution on the market.
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Save ink with GMG InkOptimizer

GMG InkOptimizer helps save up to 20% of ink by increasing the amount of black in the separation and by reducing CMY. This form of under color removal stabilizes the grey balance and optimizes the entire printing process. The result is a more stable print run and better quality at a significantly reduced cost.

Your digital printing assistant - GMG SmartProfiler

The fully integrated GMG SmartProfiler allows users to calibrate and recalibrate digital and large format presses with step-by-step guidance. The creation of custom color profiles is quick and easy to perform, ensuring the elimination of ‘guesswork’ when it comes to more complex print jobs.

In safe hands – even in the most challenging print conditions

Changing substrates, different print parameters or the use of spot colors call for customized data conversions. In combination with GMG OpenColor, specially created separation profiles can automatically import into GMG ColorServer to ensure a seamless and simple process.

Automation and performance

GMG ColorServer helps streamline pre-press noticeably. Its client-server architecture distributes the process load automatically. Workflow integration into third party systems is easily achieved via an API interface.

Success Stories

Find out more about GMG ColorServer and read current success stories about the solution in use here.

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Workshops and Webinars

The GMG Academy offers tailor-made workshops and webinars to make the use of GMG ColorServer as easy and efficient as possible.

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Find all information and product utilities for direct download. For technical questions and problems please contact our competent support team.

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