Program Overview

GMG ColorServer Client. 1 Navigation panel with variable number of tabs. 2 Action bar. 3 Content section. 4 Sidebar. 5 Property pane.

  • At startup, the GMG ColorServer Client shows a horizontal navigation panel (1) with four tabs (Jobs, Monitor Hotfolders and Resources). These tabs are static tabs and cannot be closed or deleted, their position is fixed at all time. The screenshot shows the Jobs tab content. You can view the content of each tab by clicking on the respective tab.
  • The action bar (2) provides quick access to often-needed actions such as creating a new job, hotfolder, or resource. For each action you start, a new dynamic tab is opened on the navigation panel. Dynamic tabs can be closed by clicking the close icon on the selected tab.
  • The content section (3) displays a list that gives you a quick overview on your files and folders and in case of jobs also progress. Use the respective actions in the action bar to modify the content or create new content.
  • The sidebar (4) buttons help to filter your lists according to status or type.
  • The property pane (5) provides more information on the item that is currently selected in the list. At the upper right of the pane is a search box, which allows you to search for content (full text search).

Static tabs

Tab Description See also
Jobs Shows all manual jobs in progress, finished jobs and jobs with warnings and errors. You can easily see how many jobs are being processed at any time. The action bar provides quick access to creating a manual job or resuming a canceled job. (You can also use drag-and-drop to create a job.)  
Monitor Shows the status of your hotfolders and hotfolder jobs and allows you to stop and start single or multiple hotfolders.  
Hotfolders Hotfolders are managed in one view, so you can easily configure Image- or PDF hotfolders and also hotfolders from different shared locations.  
Resources Central storage location for templates, profiles and other color related resources.