GMG SmartProfiler helps you to create printer calibrations and color profiles for digital and large format printers. This optional feature extends GMG ColorServer with profiling functionality. Thanks to the step-by-step structure, any user can calibrate, recalibrate, and profile digital and large format printing systems without expertise in color management.

Generally, you start with creating a new printer–media combination, which will be saved as a SmartProfiler resource on the server. This resource holds all information required to calculate a profile such as measurement data and the information you provided. From this SmartProfiler resource, you publish a hotfolder and corresponding color profiles to GMG ColorServer. You can then drop input documents into the hotfolder. GMG ColorServer will automatically optimize them for the profiled printer–media combination.

The GMG SmartProfiler form will guide you through this process. Some steps require Printing and Measuring of test charts (see "Printing and Measuring Test Charts").

Tip: Clean and check your printing system before profiling to obtain most precise color measurements.