Area of Application

Supported printing technologies

  • Gravure, Offset, and Flexo printing technologies are fully supported.
  • Other printing technologies such as screen printing, Indigo digital printing, ceramic printing, toner-based and ink jet digital printing are supported if you are willing to create a full characterization of the exact printing condition. As the prediction models employed by GMG OpenColor have not been designed for these technologies, you will not be able to create profiles based on single ink characterizations without overprint information.

Supported production stock

  • All kind of “white” substrates, for example, coated paper, uncoated paper, yellowish paper, cardboard, white top linerboard, white foil, and transparent foil with white undercoat or backing.
  • Not supported: Aluminum, metallic foil and transparent foil without white undercoat or backing.

Possible applications

  • CMYK + spot colors, especially with overprinting spot colors: The design is based on CMYK, but the brand color is a spot color. The spot color is also used to overprint with CMYK, but the image is mainly separated in CMYK.
  • Brand identification: CMYK inks are replaced by brand colors, e.g. Magenta is replaced by Red.
  • Extended color spaces, for example, PANTONE Hexachrome or Esko Equinox