I'm an Experienced GMG ColorProof User—What's the New Proofing Strategy?

Basically, the working procedure in GMG ColorProof is the same, whether you are using standard CMYK or OpenColor proof profiles: You create a manual job or workflow and select a proof standard or profile.

The following table lists all differences between working with standard CMYK and OpenColor profiles.

Feature GMG ColorProof GMG OpenColor
Color management

CMYK profile + spot color set

CMYK process colors are mapped to CMYK profile channels. Spot color channels are mapped to matching spot colors defined in spot color sets.

Multichannel profile

All image channels (CMYK, spots) are mapped to OpenColor profile channels.

Number of profile channels 4 Up to 15
Characterization data Lab target values Spectral characterization data
Printing processes Standardized printing processes such as ISO Coated v2 Non-standardized printing processes
Process specific profiling Printing process related information is not taken into account. The same spot color set can be used together with any proof standard. Various process specific parameters are taken into account such as process and media characteristics and surface finishing effects.
Overprint simulation Simple overprint algorithm (Choose / Define Spot Color > Multiply Channels) Complex and precise overprint prediction based on spectral overprint information and process relevant prediction models
Supported proof printers and media types Wide range supported Printers with extended color space in combination with GMG ProofMedia
Reuse of characterization data 1-to-1 ratio: Each profile requires its own set of measurement data. 1-to-many ratio: Measurement data can be flexibly combined to create multiple profiles.
Printing ink sequence You cannot change the print order of CMYK inks. You can flexibly create a profile for any combination of printing inks, including changing the print order.
GMG FlexoProof Paper texture simulation supported Paper texture simulation not supported

You can create and edit CMYK profiles in GMG ProfileEditor. Custom spot colors can be created and edited in GMG SpotColor Editor, or optimized with the Spot Color Optimization wizard in GMG ColorProof.

You can create and edit multichannel profiles in GMG OpenColor using various editing tools. Contone profiles can be created almost automatically, on-the-fly. Halftone (DotProof) proof profiles can be created manually only.