What's New in GMG OpenColor?

Version Features Release Date  
OpenColor 2.3
10 additional FOGRA offset characterizations
Idealliance ECG test charts CMYKOGV for X-Rite i1iO
Time saving and more convenient Separation Rules dialog box
Customizable columns and improved search
New cross-project profile lists
Extended test chart view
Change management for custom gradations
Database cleanup to boost application performance
Import of 7c CMYKOGV Esko Equinox measurement data
Epson SureColor P75x0/P95x0 support
Media library organization
Toggle view for MD and SCTV curves
PANTONE? Coated & Uncoated spot color set update
OpenColor 2.2
Spot color separation library for GMG ColorServer
Extended separation option
Faster smoothing
Archive Import usability
SCTV support
Color separation customization
Measurement data quality assessment
Spot color management
Profile calculation after ink sequence change
RGB-to-ECG separation profiles
Automatic spectral measurement data correction
Imported measurement data export
Realistic First Printing Dot simulation
Pure color management
PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide
Change management for proof profiles
CxF 3.0/X-4 support
Epson Stylus Pro WT media support
OpenColor 2.1
Channel Extender for GMG ColorPlugin
Spot color behavior
DotProof profiles with custom spot colors
Environment backup
Maximum Value for Separation Rules
Change management improvements
Native 64-bit support
Profiling without test chart
Adding spot colors to a library
Automatic OBA detection
Measurement improvements
New characterizations
Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 media support
New measurement devices
PANTONE? PLUS Metallics spot color set